• Appealing black polyester fabric with vinyl backing
  • 11" X 16" X 7" Stores 5 gallons of dry OR wet rubbish
  • Durable and sturdy drawstring liners for extra security
  • Two super-strong suction cups fastens Trash Sack to almost any smooth surface
  • Two zippers, one to contain trash and one to store the liners and accessories
  • Adjustable Nylon Hook and Loop straps
  • Two adhesive Hook and loop strips to fasten Trash Sack to table tops, cabinet doors and more

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Containment lid!
Four strong clips!
Draw-string liners!
Liner storage!
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Fastens to smooth surfaces!
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What's on your mind today?
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                          -- A BRILLIANT GIFT SOLUTION?

  • Two screw in snap fasteners fasten Trash Sack to work benches, wood fences, and walls
  • Seals closed for an odor free atmosphere
  • Two sturdy support lids
  • Built in lid secures contents from flying outí
  • Complete with three draw string liners
  • Machine Washable!
  • Fastens to almost anything... WITHIN SECONDS!
  • 10 year limited guarantee!

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"Inspired by everyday lifestyles"
Patrick Cone
Hi my name is Patrick Cone, I am the creator of the Trash Sack. When I first introduced my invention at an industry trade show we sold a whopping 465 units in just four days. To top that off, industry leaders shook my hand congratulating me on what they viewed as innovative and a VITAL product people everywhere can significantly benefit from. I then realized, and after so many people blurted out "that's a great idea" that I had created something so useful, so universal, so radically different, so effective and affordable, that people instantly knew it would in fact make their lives dramatically easier. Now that's powerful!!

Velcro's together!
Zips to seal!
Velcro's together!
Perfect for ANYONE who eats and drinks while ON THE GO!
Trash Sack Simply Makes Life Easier. Don't miss out!

"We love the Trash Sack. My parents have a ski boat with a built in ice chest, and until we purchased the Trash Sack, we used the ice chest for trash. It was always a mess. We also have a Trash Sack in our car, it was really handy when my little brother needed to get sick while traveling in and out of some zigzag roads. With the Trash Sacks handy removable bags, all we had to do is pull it out and throw it away. Very easy clean up!"

Christina A. San Jose, CA

I received a Trash Sack for my birthday.
At my kids soccer game this summer, I hung it on the back of my folding chair and everyone around us used it for their empty drink containers. The Trash Sack works out great in our car too. My two boys always have trash, now the trash can go some place other than the floor!

Barbra G - Santa Clara, CA

P.S. Everyone with kids needs a Trash Sack!

"Don't put this off. You can see by what other people are saying that this is truly and honestly a product you would miss if borrowed from a friend."

Here's to your success,

Sincerely, Patrick Cone

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"As a mother of three and a home school teacher, I personally had to clean trash out of my mini van everyday. Now, thanks to the Trash Sack, not only do the kids know exactly where trash goes, but I like the fact that it holds an abundance of trash (attractively). It's like  having a clever, large size trash can, only it doesn't take up the room like one.

We totally love it!  Thank you!"     
Julie M, Bedford Heights, OH
"I heard about your product when a friend of mine sent me an email recommending I visit your website. I can't Imagine going on another expedition without this thing. Every time my family and I go to throw something away, it's always right there. I fastened one of the Trash Sacks to the railing next to the door entrance in my motor home and the other to the glass shower door.
The overall functionality of the Trash Sack is beyond what I had hoped for.

Awesome product guys!" 
Thanks a bunch,     Mark Ganes

"The Trash Sacks are perfect. I'm extremely impressed.  I have three Trash Sacks on my boat, two in the cockpit and one on the fly-bridge. They are the only solution that I have ever seen (that works) for trash control on a boat. I will be ordering several more this year for Christmas gifts!

Good luck! You have a great product!"

Captain Rick Duplichan
Houston, TX

Hi Patrick,

"Congratulations on producing what is, in my opinion, an outstanding work of genius. It didn't take long to realize the practical use and convenience the Trash Sack provides- I'm very pleased with the purchase. I've made Trash Sack a permanent resident of my Escalade.

Great job Patrick!

Kinze L. Daytona Beach, FL

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Introducing Trash Sack! The Worlds Only Multi Location Trash Bag System Specifically Designed to make Life Easier!

Use it on road trips, at home, in the shop, at soccer games, while camping,
boating, at tailgate parties, on the golf cart, while flying in a plane,
use it as an ice chest, or any other function you see fit.
Trash Sack the ultimate trash bag!
Holds up to 5 Gallons of wet or dry trash... Attractively!
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Folks, this is not one of those products you use once and then stash in a drawer, the Trash Sack gets utilized every single day and will truly make the lives you care about a lot easier as well.   

Dear customer,

As you know, when it comes to trash, we all want it to vanish FAST!  Which is why you and your family deserve an effective solution that can go with you when you and your family are out and about!